• Aldebaran the cursed Golem (Deuxième partie) [FIN]

    Et voilà, comme promis la suite (et fin) de cette petite nouvelle en anglais. J'espère que ça vous plaira et je vous dis à la semaine prochaine pour la première partie du chapitre II de La naissance des Gardiens !


    “A scuffle?” immediately thought Aldebaran, stopping his course. There was indeed a man who seemed both angry and scared by another guy in front of him, whose face was hidden behind a dusty hood. Silence was freezing the atmosphere, when unexpectedly the terrified man yelled: “Just go away, you sinister fiend! You have nothing to do here!” His interlocutor grinned and a cruel gleam came into his eyes; one second later, the same shrill sound echoed and the dweller blew up, covering the crowd with blood and entrails. As a child burst into tears, the murderer laughed with a nasty smile.


    Aldebaran stared wide-eyed at this heartless person. It could be nobody but Arcturus, the most feared of the thirteen Golems. His greatest pleasure was looking at humans die and he killed countless people during the war. “Nothing could be worse than his survival…” Aldebaran thought gravely.


    Arcturus said with an exasperated sigh: “Is there anyone able to touch me? Anyone?” He looked like a capricious teenager. Nobody breathed a word. “Then I’m going to kill that poor child…” he added, as he was taking by the hand an awestruck kid. His mother cried a heartbreaking “Noooo!” but the robot did not move. “So? Nobody? That’s a shame…” He looked as if he was extremely disappointed, but his eyes reflected joy. As he was aiming his rifle-blade at the child’s face, Aldebaran bellowed with anger: “Stooop!”


    He immediately regretted his words but it was too late. Arcturus grimaced and whispered: “Whose voice is it? I can identify it perfectly… Show your face, Aldebaran, you scum!” Aldebaran knew very well that the Golem’s recognition system was pretty sophisticated: he just could not escape. He finally showed up and said, truly surprised: “I didn’t want to believe it, but you are alive, Arcturus!” The murderer cut him short with a laugh. “Did you really think that you were the only survivor? You, the weakest of us? You were a hindrance, a burden for us!”


    The albino robot ignored his provoking tone. “I was not the weakest but the most human of you all! Look at you, still killing people although the war is over!” Arcturus replied with amusement: “Human? But you’re not! Sometimes I really don’t understand you… Well, it doesn’t matter, I’m happy you survived.” After a pause he added: “Playing with a Golem should be way more interesting than playing with humans, don’t you think?” Aldebaran frowned. “Playing, you say? You make me laugh! Everything is about playing, with you! Stop with being childish!” Arcturus’s face suddenly darkened. “Childish? We’ll see if you keep insulting me after this!”


    And he shot the kid with a creepy smile. Aldebaran immediately unsheathed his rifle-blade and pointed it at his opponent. He roared: “You’re a monster, Acturus! If you truly want a fight, you will have it!” Arcturus smirked: “Oh, oh, the shy Aldebaran is finally drawing his sword! I’m sorry for being abrupt but… even if I’m in the range of your rifle-blade, you might injure or kill people there… Isn’t that against your principles?” Aldebaran answered: “Then let’s go somewhere else and fight cleanly.” He did not want to hurt any human. “Aldebaran… There’s something you’ve never understood…”


    Suddenly, Arcturus came at him and his rifle-blade tore up Aldebaran’s torso. As his solar battery was splitting in two, the albino robot made a hoarse moan.

     “I never fight cleanly.”

     Aldebaran collapsed on the dusty ground.


    “Is this the end?” he thought with a sigh. He was so tired… After all, this fight with Arcturus was not important, was it…?

     He closed his eyes a few seconds.


    “No it’s not!”

     With a superhuman force, he got up and whispered:

     “Farewell, you behemoth…”

     And he beheaded Arcturus with a yell. His opponent, proud of his win, was already turning his back on him, so he did not see the mortal blow coming. He barely gave the death rattle; his corpse just fell down without a sound.


    “The last Golem, killed with my own hands…” Aldebaran thought bitterly. His sight was hazy and his whole body was burning with pain. It was so unbearable that he lied down. After all, his solar battery was already dead, so it was impossible for him to survive.


    With a pale smile, he groaned: “Maybe it’s better like this. The Earth and the humans will be happier without us.”

     Then, he turned towards all the inhabitants and said:

     “Please, stop fighting… There’s no need to fight, is it…”

     He perfectly knew that it was needless, since these people were only war victims, but he wanted those peace words to be his last.


    That is how Aldebaran, the “cursed Golem”, died.

     Like a hero seeking peace.




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